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Speakers and Discussion Leaders

(listed in alphabetical order, by speaker’s company name)

Presentations and Discussions Details

(listed in alphabetical order, by speaker’s company name)

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Past Speakers

Many thanks to our speakers from ADAS Sensors 2019-2022 and Automotive LIDAR 2018-2022.

LIDAR for ADAS Applications: Performance Optimization and Design for Manufacturability
Hod Finklestein, PhD
Chief R&D Officer

Solid-State FMCW LIDAR Based on Optical Phased Arrays
Mike Watts, PhD
Analog Photonics

New ADAS Features Give Way to ODD Expansion
Tom Toma
Head of Sales and Product

Current Status and Emerging Trends with FMCW Based LIDAR Technologies
Zeb Barber, PhD
Director of LIDAR R&D

LIDAR SPACs: Financials Overview, Current Status, and Future Predictions
Alexei Andreev, PhD
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Autotech Ventures

Why Automotive LIDARs Need Spectrum-Scan, RMCW, and Per-Point Doppler for Mass Deployment
Joseph Notaro
Chief Commercial Officer

LIDAR Detection Coverage Requirements for ADAS and Fully Autonomous Vehicles
Terje Noevig

Automotive Sensor Data Collection for Analytics and Machine Learning
Johann Prenninger
Head of Analytics

Safety and Security of Automotive Sensors for Highly Automated Vehicles
Manjeet Singh Bilra
Functional Safety Expert, Autonomous Vehicles

LIDAR Standardization in the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform
Rinat Asmus
AUTOSAR Steering Committee Member and Deputy Chairman

Deploying LIDAR for Real-World Automotive Applications: From Point Clouds to Perception
Christian Nickolaou
Product Owner

LIDAR Adoption Outlook: Market Perspectives, Competitive Environment, and Consumer AVs Potential
Itay Michaeli
Director US Autos and Auto Parts
Citi Research

Challenges with LIDAR Mass Production
Fritz Krainer
Head of Engineering

LIDAR for Automated Long Haul Trucks
Sebastian Renken
Systems Engineer Autonomous Trucks

Automotive Computer Vision Startups: Key Investment Factors
Tony Cannestra
Director of Corporate Ventures

LIDAR Integration into Volume Production Vehicle Windshields
Emily Robb
ADAS Advanced Development
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Emerging AI Technologies for ADAS Applications
David Ostrowski
Data Scientist, Product Analytics

LIDAR Reliability Testing Methodologies and Techniques
Fei He
Research Engineer, R&A Automated Driving

Hardware-in-the-Loop Implementation and Validation Techniques for Autonomous Vehicles
Adit Joshi
Research Engineer

Emerging LIDAR Technologies Boosting Autonomous Driving
Kinh Tieu
Head of Perception

Relative and Absolute Positioning Techniques for Automated Vehicles
Curtis Hay
Technical Fellow
General Motors

An OEM’s Perspective on LIDAR Range Metrics
Nathaniel Hart
Automated Driving and Advanced Technology Specialist
General Motors

Ensuring ADAS Reliability with Ground Penetrating Radar
Byron Stanley
GPR (formerly WaveSense)

Low-Cost Near-Field LIDAR for ADAS and AV Applications
Sam Abuelsamid
Principal Analyst, E-Mobility
Guidehouse Insights

VCSELs, SPAD Arrays, and Front-End Electronics for Solid-State LIDAR
Slawomir Piatek, PhD
Scientific Consultant
Hamamatsu Photonics

Closing the Perception Systems Gap with LIDAR for L3 and L4 Vehicles
Alejandro Olivares
Director of Components
Hyundai-Aptiv Autonomous Driving Joint Venture

Generating Enriched Point Clouds with Digital LIDARs
Hanno Holzhüter
Research Project Manager
Ibeo Automotive

Automotive Radar: Analysis of Trends and Developments
James Jeffs, PhD
Technology Analyst

Automotive LIDAR SPACs: Latest Revenues, Production Volumes, and Business Activities
Xiaoxi He, PhD
Research Director

LIDAR on a Chip: Delivering Optimal Performance in Combination with Radar and Camera
Gil Tidhar
General Manager, Automotive LIDAR Business Unit

LIDAR in Commercial Vehicles: Use Cases and Optimal Placement
Yong Sun
Supervisor -- Autonomous Driving, AI, and Advanced Methodology

Combining LIDAR, Radar, and Camera: Sensor Fusion Challenges and Solutions
Pierre Olivier

LIDAR Technical Requirements for Autonomous Highway Driving
Aaron Jefferson
Vice President of Product

Luneburg Lens Radar Technology for ADAS Applications
Hao Xin

How Strategic Venture Capital Drives ADAS Innovation
Sean Simpson
Director, Technology and Investments

LIDAR for Trucks and Buses: Emerging Trends and Performance Specifications
Rajorshee Raha, PhD
Manager ADAS, R&D

Impact of 5G on the Connected and Automated Vehicle Landscape
Gary Streelman
Director Advanced Engineering and New Concepts

The Role of LIDAR in Multi-Modal, High-Reliability Sensing
Edwin Olson, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO
May Mobility

LIDAR for Autonomous Shuttles: Key Considerations and Emerging Trends
Jacob Crossman
Vice President Autonomy
May Mobility

Photonic IC Approaches for Automotive LIDAR
Harvey Weinberg
Director, Sensor Technologies
Microtech Ventures

Localizing Camera-Created HD Maps Using LIDAR
Kevin Rosenblum
Senior Director, Sensor Fusion

ADAS Sensors for Trucks and Buses: Current Status and Emerging Trends
Srini Gowda
Vice President, Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles and LIDAR: Why Solid State isn’t a Silver Bullet
Raffi Mardirosian
Head of Corporate Development

Improved Safety with 3D Thermal Ranging for ADAS Applications
Chuck Gershman
President and CEO
Owl Autonomous Imaging

Photonic Integration for Modular Solid-State FMCW Based LIDAR
Andy Zott
Managing Director

Automotive Market Outlook: Forecasting Autonomy Amid Challenging Industry Conditions
Jeremy Carlson
Associate Director, Autonomy
S&P Global Mobility

Verification and Validation for AV Systems Including LIDAR
Tony Gioutsos

LIDAR for ADAS and AVs: Partnership Updates and Pricing Trends
Mark Fitzgerald
Director, Autonomous Vehicle Service
Strategy Analytics

Cost and Technology Benchmarking for Automotive LIDAR
Romain Fraux
System Plus Consulting

The Pursuit of the Perfect ADAS and Autonomous Sensor Set
Peter Labaziewicz
Director of Engineering
Texas Instruments

LIDAR in the Era of Connected Vehicles
Hongsheng Lu, PhD
Principal Researcher

How Far Can Pseudo-LIDAR Take Us?
Sean Rodrigues, PhD
Sr. Scientist, Electronics Research
Toyota Research Institute

Self-Supervised Pseudo-LIDAR Monocular Networks
Vitor Guizilini
Sr. Research Scientist of Machine Learning
Toyota Research Institute

Digital Code Modulation Radar for ADAS Applications
Manju Hegde, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder

LIDAR Based Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Driving
Benazouz Bradaï, PhD
Senior Expert, Driving Assistance Research

Automotive LIDAR Ecosystem Trends: How OEM Requirements Are Driving Further Development
Rajeev Thakur
Director Sales Technical Support
Velodyne Lidar

An Industry Perspective on LIDAR Algorithms for ADAS Applications
Vikram Narayan, PhD
Head of AI and Computer Vision

AI Clustering of Sensor Data for ADAS Applications
Kathrin Trueller
Project Manager for AD, Cybersecurity, and EVs

Leveraging Connectivity for ADAS: Practical Examples for Increased Traffic Safety
Jonas Fenn
Strategic Business Development, R&D

LIDAR Perception Software: Key Considerations and Requirements for Autonomous Driving
Joseph Kim
Vueron Technology

Time-Stretch LIDAR as a Spectrally Scanned Time-of-Flight Ranging Camera
Cathy Jiang, PhD
Hardware Engineer

Waymo Laser Bear LIDAR: Enabling Your Autonomous Project to See More and Do More
Ellice Perez
Head of LIDAR

M&A and Investment Trends in the ADAS Sensor Market
Rudy Burger
Managing Partner
Woodside Capital

Real Time Generalized Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles
Aayush Ahuja
Sr. Perception Engineer
Woven Planet (Toyota)

LIDAR Benchmarks: Range, Rays-Points, Integration, and Perception Metrics
Dmitry Solomentsev, PhD
Head of LIDAR

LIDAR for Robotaxis: Key Challenges and Considerations
Nick Orlov
Hardware Team Lead

Thermal and SWIR Imaging for ADAS Applications
Axel Clouet, PhD
Technology and Market Analyst -- Imaging
Yole Developpement

LIDAR for ADAS and AV Applications: Emerging Trends and Developments
Pierrick Boulay
Technology and Market Analyst, Solid-State Lighting
Yole Developpement

Maintaining RADAR Performance for In-Body Integration
Max Himmel
Sensor Modelling and Simulation Engineer

Driving Robustness and Efficiency in ADAS Validation
David Wilson
Director, Data and Analytics Monetization

Call for Speakers

If you’d like to participate as a speaker, please call Jessica Ingram at 360-929-0114 or send a brief email with your proposed presentation topic to

Workshop and conference scope includes topics related to LIDAR in automotive applications, such as:

  • Expert reviews and analyses of state-of-the-art LIDAR technologies
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • LIDAR data fusion with other types of sensors such as radar and camera
  • Impacts of enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence
  • Notable academic research related to LIDAR for automotive applications
  • LIDAR data processing techniques and algorithms
  • Supply chain trends and challenges, government regulations, and mandates
  • Fabrication, packaging, and system assembly techniques
  • Reliability testing methodologies and techniques
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and research hubs, company formation