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Artificial intelligence is a critical component for the continued development of L2 and L3 vehicles, as well as fully autonomous vehicles.

The AI market growth is expected to reach $20.6 billion by 2025. What's driving this market growth and which consumer demands will shape the next developments? What challenges are suppliers and OEMs facing? How will artificial intelligence be integrated into the sensor processing and fusion systems? These key questions will drive the in-depth presentations and discussions at our annual conference.

Conference Topics

  • Emerging data processing techniques and algorithms
  • Neural net/machine learning: training and testing techniques and methodologies
  • Sensor fusion with advanced algorithms and computing power, connectivity and data transmission, contextual awareness and processing, and virtual sensors
  • Hardware fabrication, packaging, and system assembly techniques
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and research hubs, company formation

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • VPs of engineering
  • VPs of marketing
  • VPs of business development
  • Engineering leaders
  • Engineering managers
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers
  • Industry analysts
  • Investors
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sensors and electronics consultants

Prior Participating Companies
(from the Automotive LIDAR 2020-2022 events)

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(from the participants and attendees of the Automotive LIDAR 2021 online event)

“Thanks for the wonderful conference with Brella as a great tool. I had great success in networking with several folks. This AI based tool was effectively able to let me and others connect with conference attendees who have interests in similar areas and in the right supply chain. The tool was very solid in terms of the Q&As during the speaker sessions.”
Sridhar Nagarajan, Sr. Director, IIVI

“Automotive LIDAR 2021 was a hit as usual. The presenters bring fresh information while the audience stays engaged, asking important and relevant questions. Looking forward to next year.”
Amit Mehta, Sr. Business Development Manager, Koito/NAL

“Making a virtual event really effective for networking is not an easy task at all. But Automotive LIDAR 2021 was able to get attendees in contact, easily and effectively, through the Brella platform. I connected with a number of attendees and potential future business/technology partners, learning a lot on the world of LIDAR from many different and integrated perspectives. I really enjoyed the talks; they were well organized and always on schedule, which gave me the whole picture of the LIDAR ecosystem.“
Mauro Riva, Business Manager, SAES Group

“Automotive LIDAR 2021 is very educational and enlightening. There are multiple issues we need to address as LIDAR technology is evolving. This is a great get together to line up like-minded people and competing technologies.”
Gopala Garnepudi, CDC Systems Engineer, Valeo

“The Automotive LIDAR conference has every year drawn global LIDAR experts to discuss the latest developments and challenges faced by the industry. I was honored to do a workshop for the participants this year. The Q&A sessions after every presentation gave more chances to directly interact. The Brella platform is very good at finding good matches for 1:1 chats also. I look forward to this event again next year.”
Rajeev Thakur, Director Sales Technical Support, Velodyne Lidar

Additional Attendee Feedback:

  • Very organized virtual show. Good conference session. Good opportunities to meet up people.
  • One of the best virtual events, very easy to navigate and meet people.
  • Professional event from top to bottom. Excellent customer support.

(from the participants and attendees of the 2020 online event)

“The Automotive LiDAR 2020 conference was a truly amazing event, not only for academics, researchers, and industry, but for all who are passionate about LIDARs. It was a well-balanced mixture of photonics, optics, semiconductors, embedded systems, low-level and high-level software, and autonomous vehicles. The organizers, Microtech Ventures, not only managed to bring together the right people presenting the state-of-the-art in LIDARs, but continuously encouraged the participants to connect and to engage in deeper discussions and new business opportunities. This was my first time attending and it was a real honour to be one of the speakers. I was attending online from Japan with a time difference of 13 hours; the activity was well worth the extra effort. I am already looking forward for the 2021 edition to discover how many great things the LIDAR research and industry will achieve in one year.”
Alexander Carballo, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Tier IV

“This was an excellent conference. Very well organized and meticulously moderated. The online format worked extremely well, with possibly better learning and networking opportunities.”
Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, PhD, Research Director, IDTechEx

“This was my first time attending the Automotive LIDAR conference and it was a fantastic mix of presenters throughout the supply chain, including many automotive OEMs and Tier 1s. This year’s conference was hosted online to COVID-19 and was easily, and by far, the best virtual meeting I have experienced. The organizers not only did a great job managing the live presentations (from around the world no less!), but the virtual exhibits were very useful and engaging. This was an excellent conference and very well done!”
Aric Shorey, Vice President of New Business Development, Mosaic Microsystems

(additional anonymous feedback from 2020 online participants)

  • “Very impressed with how you all managed a live virtual conference. This was the closest thing to an actual conference that I have experienced and you all did a really fantastic job. Brella was a nice interface but your management of it and Mike's management of the speakers was really impressive.”
  • “Easily the best virtual meeting I have attended.”

(from the participants and attendees of the 2019 event)

“The Automotive LIDAR conference in Detroit is the event to meet with the entire value-chain for LIDAR sensors – from material suppliers to OEM’s. Besides it is a must-visit to stay up-to-date in terms of latest developments and trends for the industry.”
Boris Eichhorn, Sr. Manager New Venture, SCHOTT

“Automotive LIDAR 2019 was a great event! It really makes efficient use of our time to have a conference solely dedicated to LIDAR. The conference was well-run and there was great interaction with both customers and vendors.”
Mark McCord, CTO, Cepton

“It was an eye opening and realistic event in which industry experts across the globe shared their strategy and technical challenges of introducing LIDAR into major verticals. Automotive LIDAR 2019 is the industry’s leading LIDAR conference and I will definitely attend again.”
Amit Mehta, Sr. Business Development Manager, Koito NAL Silicon Valley Lab

“It was an easy decision to invest our time and money in this event. The attendees and exhibitors represented the entire LIDAR ecosystem, from vehicle manufacturers all the way through the supply base. The focused scope of the presentation meant that all conversations were both deep and efficient. Great connections!”
Eric Rogers, IP Counsel and Market Strategy Leader, AGC

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